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Veronica seeks to contribute to the development of a vital and sustainable media landscape. Based on our history, we strive for the connection of entrepreneurs and pioneers who want to conquer, strengthen and renew the media. We want to support entrepreneurs with guts and vision. We want to help expedite their efforts in tackling the crises in the media.

Veronica initiates and/or invests in innovative models, people and instruments that build on a vigorous media sector and contribute to a free, flourishing and diverse society.

Yoeri Albrecht — chairman



The off-shore broadcaster Radio Veronica

Veronica got its start in 1960 as Radio Veronica, an off-shore radio that operated from the North Sea and provided the Netherlands with the pop music that everyone was crazy about. The legality of Radio Veronica was strongly disputed, but the station was able to escape government intervention by anchoring the ship beyond Dutch waters.


Veronica as public broadcaster

On 31 August 1974, Radio Veronica ceased to be an off-shore broadcaster. It took a while, but, on 28 December 1975, the Veronica Broadcast Organisation (VOO) made its very first radio broadcast as a public broadcaster. Not on Hilversum 1, 2, or 3, but on Hilversum 4! This fourth radio frequency began broadcasting on this day and was intended for… classical music.

On 21 April 1976, Veronica also began its adventure on television. After its first evening on television, the VOO welcomed 20,000 new members. Soon after the first television broadcasts, the VOO requested C status.


C / B / A status

In 1985, the VOO acquired A status and could broadcast to the maximum on radio and television. Veronica celebrated this with a radio and television marathon. Finally, the membership total grew to 1,250,000 in 1992!


The commercial Veronica at HMG

At last, Veronica was on television and radio 24/7. The commercial Veronica started not one but three radio stations: Hitradio Veronica, Veronica News Radio (VNR) and the alternative music station Kink FM.


HMG / Veronica

Due to disagreements with its partner RTL, Vereniging Veronica, which had the name Veronica and the broadcast magazine Veronica Magazine, left HMG in 2000. RTL retained all the formats and stations and renamed the station Yorin. Vereniging Veronica embarked on a new adventure independently.


A new Veronica at SBS

In September 2003, Vereniging Veronica joined forces with SBS for television and print and with SKY for radio. The association itself focussed on talent-scouting and digital developments.



The first project to scout talent was called ‘The Veronica Radio School’. Together with Sky and SBS, Veronica searched for radio talent. In 2008, this grew into the V-Academy, where young talent went in search of cross-medial formats. In 2008, Vereniging Veronica, under the new name V-Ventures, went in search of a meaningful role in the media.


Public and private

Through its collaborations and through social projects such as The European Press Prize, Vereniging Veronica provides an independent foundation and, where possible and useful, seeks out collaborations with other parties, both public and private.


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About us

Vereniging Veronica

In 1973, Vereniging Veronica was set up as a necessary means to enter the public system after the pirate years. Veronica soon became one of the biggest broadcasting groups. After its departure from the public system, the association has played a innovative role in news and information provision.

  • Y.D. Albrecht — chairman
  • E. A. Blaauboer — treasurer
  • J.T.N Gautier — board member
  • J. W. Verloop — board member
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